The Faema Teorema

(Photo: Kelly, Richard and Laverne from Industries of the Blind listen as Reiko from Fortuna Enterprizes explains the function of our new espresso machine.)

(Photo: Richard holds a portafilter while Kelly asks a question while standing in front of the espresso machine.)

(Photo: Laverne stands in front of the espresso machine feeling the heat it emits.)

Our new espresso machine has officially been tried out and purchased. It’s pretty darn cool. We took a field trip today over to our friends at Fortuna to try out the machine with a couple of friends with varying degrees of visual impairment.  It was also completely new for me and I am sighted. This is one fancy yet simple “latest” model space variety coffee pressurizer. It’s incredibly user friendly, it’s clean and stylish, it’s SAFE and efficient. It’s also smart, which is a whole new ballpark for me having only worked on fully manual machines decades ago. This model also has the ability to be put in manual mode if so desired. It can be programmed as your heart desires! I think it will be perfect for what we aim to achieve.

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