Our Coffee

Our coffee hails from the best local roaster around, Fortuna Enterprises. They have been in the business of procuring the finest beans in the world for two decades here in Greensboro, North Carolina and they do a fine job of it!

A dash of magic and a gallon of science goes into creating the perfect roast profile for each coffee origin. We carry only the best of the best and we think you will also agree. This is not your typical over-roasted muddy cup, this is exquisite and will leave you wanting more.

Don’t worry. We have more and we promise to share.


Moka Java Blend label.

Moka Java is the oldest and most famous of all coffee blends, combining selected beans from Indonesia and Africa. European traders decided to blend the beans to highlight the individual traits of each coffee. Renowned for its exotic spices, strong flavor, and rich history, Moka Java combines two of the most established beans coffee has to offer.

Aroma: Sweet and aromatic
Body: Smooth
Flavor: Floral and bold
Acidity: Balanced
Aftertaste: Spicy

Ring of Fire Blend

An ideal blend of African, Indonesia and Latin America beans were carefully chosen for their abilities to fully develop with heat.  Artfully roasted, Ring of Fire is the most flavorful of our dark roasts.

Aroma:  Smoky & Woody
Body:  Medium to Full
Flavor:  Dark Chocolate
Acidity:  Low
Aftertaste:  Short

Developed in memory of a beloved member of the Fortuna team, over six months of time and love were dedicated to developing this perfect blend. Characterized by the same personality as its namesake, Sergio’s Blend is happy and bold and always leaves a smile behind.

Aroma: Bright
Body: Rich & creamy
Flavor: Sweet & syrupy
Acidity: Low
Aftertaste: Lingering

Developed in memory of a beloved member of the Fortuna team, over six months of time and love were dedicated to developing this perfect blend. Characterized by the same personality as its namesake, Sergio’s Blend is happy and bold and always leaves a smile behind.

Aroma: Bright
Body: Rich, creamy
Flavor: Sweet & syrupy
Acidity: Low
Aftertaste: Lingering

From sunrise to sunset, this smooth and mild blend stays mellow and calming. Beans cultivated in Latin American soils create a balanced and hearty brew with citrus tones and a creamy, light finish.

Aroma: Nutty & lemony
Body: Balanced
Flavor: Mellow & smooth
Acidity: Medium
Aftertaste: Creamy & walnut

Single Origin

The rich jungle soil and Pacific winds of the Western Cauca region provide a medium bodied acidic bean. Serving as Colombia’s most recognized grade of coffee, our Colombian Supremo is characterized by distinctly rich aromas and smooth and balanced flavors.

Aroma: Sweet, Floral
Body: Medium
Flavor: Delicate, Caramel, Raspberry
Acidity: Medium
Aftertaste: Clean

Decaf with flavor! This beautiful medium city roast is a great way to enjoy your coffee without the kick. Its smooth and balanced flavor will allow it to pair well with dessert or just serve as an after dinner treat.

Aroma: Nutty
Body: Light to medium
Flavor: Creamy walnut
Acidity: Low
Aftertaste: Mellow

This coffee proudly comes from a family estate in southern Costa Rica. Primary forests offer a rich biological setting which protects the coffee from the sun. An all-around exceptional cup of coffee, La Amistad brings balance and depth to the palate. The cup has a light acidity and body with a clean lemon start.

Aroma: Strong
Body: Light, Clean, Crisp
Flavor: Sweet, Berry, Cocoa
Acidity: Slight
Aftertaste: Chocolaty, Lasting

Finca La Esperanza is a farm that is known for growing one of the best 100% Bourbon coffees that comes from El Salvador. They have won multiple “Cup of Excellence” awards, as well as being acknowledged for having the “Best Appearance for a Medium High Altitude” by the Rainforest Alliance. Its wonderful notes of citrus and almond make it perfect for any time of day.

Aroma: Tobacco
Body: Medium
Flavor: Pecans & apricots
Acidity: Mild to medium
Aftertaste: Chocolate

Yirgacheffe sits at an altitude of over 2,100 meters above sea level and is known to be the origin of coffee. In fact, every bean grown is native to Ethiopia. Located near Lake Abaya, all the berries in the region are handpicked and dry processed throughout the year, creating an exotic and heavy body.

Aroma: Citrus, herbal
Body: Bold
Flavor: Chocolate
Acidity: High
Aftertaste: Floral, almond

A group of 62 farmers in Marcala gathered together to gain fair-trade and organic certification. The mountainous, tropical territory provides optimal ecological conditions for growing coffee, with a mild temperate and average rainfall.

Aroma: Peanut & Cocoa
Body: Crisp, Bright
Flavor: Lemon, Honey
Acidity: Mellow
Aftertaste: Smooth Chocolate

Grown in the Atitlan region of Guatemala, this coffee benefits from the well-drained, volcanic soil that is indicative of that area. The owners of Finca Ceylon are renowned, not only for the care they take with their crops, but also for the care they take with their employees.  Through this extra care they have earned the seal of approval from the Rainforest Alliance, the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, and UTZ (an organization that is focused on “better farming for better futures”), as well as organic certifications from the OCIA and USDA.

Aroma: Nutty & caramel
Body: Medium
Flavor: Fruity, cocoa & caramel
Acidity: Moderate to high
Aftertaste: Creamy & nutty

Unique to Kenya, beans are auctioned according to size, shape, and density to give the farmer the highest profit possible. It also ensures that you get the best cup of Kenyan coffee available with a consistent roast. Our Kenyan beans have AA classification and are among the top that this region has to offer.

Aroma: Currants
Body: Medium
Flavor: Structured
Acidity: Refreshing & strong
Aftertaste: Grapefruit & dry

Fortuna Gourmet Coffee - Nano Lot Direct Trade Nicaraguan Pacamara - Retail Bag

The focus of Finca Miraflor is to create a bean that is sustainably grown, which has certainly paid off. Their vigilant care shows in the amazingly low number of defects (less than 1%) that are present even before the dry processing occurs to remove said defects. The cooler micro-climate allows beans to grow slowly while developing many layers of flavor from the nutrients packed in by the warm sun. This flavor-packed and rare coffee (only two bags produced) is perfect for the coffee lover.  It is best served black, and only improves as you allow it to come to room temperature.

Aroma: Tropical fruits
Body: Full
Flavor: Cherry & blueberry
Acidity: Moderate
Aftertaste: Clean

Peruvian fair-trade organization La Florida is one of the country’s most renowned sustainable coffee producers. From their co-op in the Ayacucho region in the Apurimac valley, they bring us an organic, fair-trade coffee that is grown on farms that are smaller than five hectares and alongside avocado, orange, and other fruit trees.

Aroma: Citrus, Sweet
Body: Medium
Flavor: Sweet Honey
Acidity: Balanced, Crisp
Aftertaste: Smooth

Sulawesi brings out the earthy flavors of Java and the body of Sumatra, while creating a distinct profile of its own. The region of Toraja is in the southern part of the Sulawesi island and is home to an indigenous population that has only recently had contact with the Western world, creating a cup of coffee that captures a long-held tradition.

Aroma: Strong
Body: Full
Flavor: Muted
Aftertaste: Warm & Relaxing

Shade grown at heights between 4,200 and 4,900 feet, the Sumatra Wahana hails from the northern section of the island, near the volcanic lake Toba. Unlike the standard Sumatran coffees, Wahana is naturally processed thereby allowing the fruit to sun dry. It’s a lengthier process, but it endows the beans with an unparalleled flavor profile. The Wahana carries the traditional full body of an Indonesian, but boasts fruit flavors of African beans- berry, watermelon, cinnamon, and floral notes, highly uncommon for this region.

Aroma: Floral Hints of Berries
Body: Medium
Flavor: Watermelon, Peach, & Hints of Citrus
Acidity: Mild to Medium
Aftertaste: Cocoa & Berries

Peaberries are single coffee cherries that were only pollinated once, producing a round, even bean. Tanzania is known for producing peaberry coffee, with a rounder, more even flavor than other Tanzanian coffees. This peaberry coffee produces a flavor unlike other Tanzanian coffees and will leave you wanting another sip.

Aroma: Bright
Body: Medium
Flavor: Clean and structured
Acidity: Gentle
Aftertaste: Sweet and berry

On average, the production of coffee in Timor is responsible for the employment of up to 25% of the population. The hot year round climate and rugged, shady terrain create the largest producer of certified organic coffee in the world. Timor carries a large body like most Indonesian coffee, and is accompanied by earthy and cocoa tones.

Aroma: Molasses
Body: Medium to full
Flavor: Black walnut & nougat
Acidity: Low
Aftertaste: Caramel