Our People

These are the humans responsible for making 33 & Elm Coffee House what it is. They artfully prepare your lattes, toast your bagels and serve you that enchanting cup of tea. They wake up early and stay up late making sure we at 33 and Elm are in tip-top condition to present our finest products to you.

These folks are more than coffee shop workers; they are individuals with varying levels of visual impairment. They are warriors and lovers. They deserve respect and gratitude, just as you, our customers do.

Meet the Brew Crew:

George Hoyt

Café Manager, Spouse, Dad and Purveyor of Kindness

Likes: coffee, yoga, rocks and creeks, the beach, baking

Dislikes: Brussel Sprouts (sorry, mom), being hurtful to anything or anyone


Nish Pantha

Barista, Future Novelist

Likes: books, Italy and family

Dislikes: snakes and eternal oblivion


Cassie Avery

Barista, Queen of the World

Likes: Chocolate


Sheareon Reaves

Barista, future entrepreneur look out for Unique Pink Cosmetics!

Likes: Music and cooking

Dislikes: Oranges and vegetables


Tracy Ratley

Barista, part time hustler and charity volunteer

Likes: Helping People, baking, making money!

Dislikes: Squash, when people are mistreated